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The Competitive Advantage Mental Skills Training Program

The elite athlete difference is that elite athletes train not only their bodies but also their brains!

At Advantage PMPC we are pleased to offer a 3-unit Mental Skills Training Program developed by Drs. Sonali Wason & Taylor Sorenson to make Mental Skills Training more accessible.  Each unit offers 5 unique sessions that are guided by a trained Sport Psychology Practicum Trainee to help you or your athlete better grasp Mental Performance Skills that can help impact positive athletic performance.

We offer two different Competitive ADVANTAGE packages:

  1. The Individual: For individual athletes. Price: $500 per 5 session unit 
  2. The Team: For athletes interested in attending group sessions. Price Groups of 3-5 $350 per 5 session unit, Groups of 6-8 $250 per 5 session unit.
​​​​​​​Each session is a 30 minute session between you/your group and your Mental Skills trainer. Included in the program is a workbook to be worked on both in and outside of the session.

The program consists of the following three units:

Rookie of the Year

​​​​​​​Session 1- Program Introduction
Session 2- Goal Setting #1
Session 3- Physiological Relaxation
Session 4- Zones of Attention
Session 5- Energy Management

All Star

​​​​​​​Session 1- Goal Setting #2
Session 2- Confidence & Self Talk
Session 3- Mental Imagery
Session 4- Communicating as a Team Member
Session 5- Identifying Peak Performance


Session 1- Goal Setting #3
Session 2- Mental Toughness & Performing Under Pressure
Session 3- Mental Imagery Pt 2
Session 4- Communication Pt 2
Session 5- Commitment
To learn more about this program please email us at [email protected] or fill out our consultation form here.