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Advantage Psychology & Mental Performance Center is committed to providing all-inclusive, client-centered psychological and consultative services by passionate professionals that guide clients to become fulfilled, reliable, and consistent performers and individuals.
Advantage Psychology and Mental Performance provides mental health, consultative, and psychoeducational services for individuals, couples, groups, teams, and organizations that are delivered from a client-centered approach. As relational providers, our priority is collaboratively creating a treatment or consultation plan that is the best fit for you, your team, or your organization. Please see our Services section for additional information regarding the services we offer. 

*We are currently accepting Sport and Performance clients in the greater Los Angeles Area*
*Please see our FAQ page for our COVID-19 Response updates*
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Our Services

We are here to help you find answers.
At Advantage Psychology and Mental Performance Center, we are driven by our passion and enthusiasm for helping those in our community become the healthiest, most-authentic version of themselves. Our work is rooted in principles of compassion, non-judgment, authenticity, anti-racism, and evidence-based practices that drive our clients to become fulfilled, healthy individuals and consistent, reliable performers. 
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Our Providers

Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you today.
At Advantage Psychology and Mental Performance Center we strive to maintain a diverse group of licensed and experienced providers. Our providers have unique training, skills, and areas of specialization. Please click on “Our Providers” to learn more about each of our clinicians.​​​​​​​
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sport psychology?
How can I know when I should see a therapist or sport psychologist? Is Sport Psychology right for me?  Do you take insurance? We have collected all the most frequently asked questions to help you find out if seeing a therapist or sport psychologist is the right choice for you. If you have additional questions not covered in our FAQ section, you can always contact us directly to find out more!